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Biology A Level

The OCR Biology A Syllabus is followed for this course. The A Level is a 2 year course.

Who Will Teach Me?

Teaching/practical time accounts for approximately four hours per week. In addition, it is expected that personal study time will account for a minimum of three hours per week. The course is delivered by an experienced team of teachers who are all graduate biologists.

What Entry Requirements Do I Need?

Students ideally should have achieved a level 6 or above at GCSE in Combined Science or Biology. In addition, students should have achieved a minimum of level 4 and preferably a level 5 in Maths.

How Will I Be Assessed?

At the end of the two year course, students take 3 exams papers:

Module 1

Development of practical skills in biology

Module 2

Foundations in biology

Biological Processes

Paper 1

100 marks

2hr 15min

37% of total Tests

Modules 1,2,3,5

Module 3

Exchange and



Module 4

Biodiversity, evolution and disease

Biological Diversity

100 marks

2hr 15min

37% of total Tests

Modules 1,2,4,6

Module 5


homeostasis &



Module 6


evolution &


Unified Biology

Paper 3

70 marks

1hr 30min

26% of total tests Modules 1 to 6

Assessment Of Practical Skills

Students will do a minimum of 12 internally assessed experiments across their A Level course. Questions in exam papers will test students' knowledge and understanding of their practical work. Students will be awarded an A Level grade based on their exams, and a 'pass' or 'fail' for practical work (Practical Endorsement) in lessons. This system of assessment replaces the current assessment system of practical exams (ISAs). Students will be required to maintain a Laboratory Log Book for examination by the exam board upon request or visitation by their inspector.

What Kind Of Person Studies This Course?

There are many reasons for taking Biology, including:

You wish to follow a career in a Biology related area such as Medicine, Ecology or Forensic Science.

You feel that a further qualification in Biology would assist you in other related areas of study such as Chemistry, Geography or PE.

You enjoy the subject, even if you do not wish to pursue a Science related career.

Where Will An A Level In Biology Lead Me?

This qualification is an ideal foundation for a Biology/Science related career, for example in Medicine, Veterinary Science, Ecology and Forensic Science. In combination with other A Level qualifications it will provide a suitable entry qualification for a degree course in a biological field or related scientific disciplines.

Where Can I Get More Information Or Advice?

For further information you can contact:

Mr D Hawley (

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