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English Language

English Language A Level

AQA's A Level English Language offers opportunities for you to develop your subject expertise by engaging creatively and critically with a wide range of texts. The two year course comprises of three components, two of which are assessed by a terminal exam at the end and one non-exam assessment in which you will produce a language investigation and a piece of original writing.

Who Will Teach Me?

The course is delivered by an experienced team of teachers who are all English graduates:

How Will I Be Assessed?

Paper 1: Exam: Language, the individual and society

2 hours 30 minutes

100 marks (40% of A Level)

Paper 2: Exam: Language Varieties

2 hours 30 minutes

100 marks (40% of A Level)

Section A Textual Variations and Representations

Two texts linked by a topic or theme, one of which will be a historical text

One question analysing text one (25 marks)

One question analysing text two (25 marks)

One question comparing the two texts (20 marks)

Section A - Language Diversity and change

One discursive essay from a choice of 2 questions (30 marks)

Section B Children's language development

A discursive essay on children’s language development, with a choice of two questions where the data provided will focus on spoken, written or multimodal language (30 marks)

Section B - Language Discourses

Two texts about a topic linked to the study of diversity and change

• A question requiring analysis of how the texts use language to present ideas, attitudes and opinions (40 marks)

• A directed writing task linked to the same topic and the ideas in the texts (30 marks)

Non-exam assessment (coursework): Language in action

100 marks (20% of A Level)

3,500 words

Students produce:

• a language investigation (2,000 words excluding data)

• a piece of original writing and commentary (1,500 words total)

With exciting text and data based sources of language, this course introduces the study of English in different forms and contexts.

Offering clear skills progression from GCSE, this course allows you to build on the skills already gained and prepare for your next steps.

The variety of assessment styles used, such as data analysis, discursive essays, directed writing, original writing and research-based investigative writing, allows you to develop a wide range of skills. These include critical reading, data analysis, evaluation, the ability to develop and sustain arguments and a number of different writing styles which are invaluable for both further study and future employment.

Language, the individual and society will explore concepts of audience, purpose, genre, mode and representation. It will also introduce you to the study of children's language development, exploring how children learn language and how they are able to understand and express themselves through language.

Language diversity and change which will invite students to explore processes of language change and social attitudes to language. Students will also produce a piece of language investigation of their choice and a piece of original writing as part of the coursework element.

The non-exam assessment will allow you to investigate a particular area of interest, gathering your own data and using your knowledge of language to reach your own conclusions. You will be supported in this by your teachers.

There will be an exam at the end of year 12 to assess your understanding.

Where Will An A Level In English Language Lead Me?

While in the Sixth Form at Brigg, English will complement a number of other A Level subjects e.g. History, Drama, Media, Psychology and Modern Foreign Languages, as well as providing an interesting contrast for students taking Sciences or Mathematics. It develops a range of skills which, in combination with other A Levels, will provide a suitable entry qualification for a Degree course. A Degree in English can lead to a variety of professions e.g. law, journalism, teaching, management and business studies.

Where Can I Get More Information Or Advice?

For further information you can contact:

Mr D Waite, ( 

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