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English Literature

AQA English Literature A Level

All students starting A-level English Literature course will be following the new specifications introduced by the exam boards in September 2015. We will be offering a two year A-level course only.

For English Literature, the new programmes will give us the time to explore texts and language in greater depth and will enable students to develop their understanding and skills more fully. It also means there will be no ‘real’ exams at the end of the first year but students will sit a mock exam based on the texts they have been studying.

All of the units are centred on developing writing skills and styles and close reading and analysis of texts. Teachers also provide individual support for students.


Paper 1: Love through the ages

Paper 2: Texts in shared contexts

Non-exam assessment: Independent critical study: texts across time

What’s assessed

Study of three texts: one poetry and one prose text, of which one must be written pre-1900, and one Shakespeare play

Exam will include two unseen poems

What’s assessed

Choice of two options

Option 2A: WW1 and its aftermath

Option 2B: Modern times: literature from 1945 to the present day

Study of three texts: one prose, one poetry, and one drama, of which one must be written post-2000

Exam will include an unseen extract

What’s assessed

Comparative critical study of two texts, at least one of which must have been written pre-1900

One extended essay (2,500 words) and a bibliography


Section A: Shakespeare: one passage-based question with linked essay (25 marks)

Section B: Unseen poetry: compulsory essay question on two unseen poems (25 marks)

Section C: Comparing texts: one essay question linking two texts (25 marks)


Section A: Set texts. One essay question on set text (25 marks)

Section B: Contextual linking

Ÿ  one compulsory question on an unseen extract (25 marks)

Ÿ  one essay question linking two texts (25 marks)

Where Will An A Level In English Literature Lead Me?

Many of our students go on from this course to study English courses at University, these include combination course of Language and Literature or English Literature.

English is also a course that allows for a wide range of Joint Honours options at University, this is where English is combined with another subject to create a dual degree programme, for example:

Ÿ  English and Drama

Ÿ  English and History

Ÿ  English and Philosophy

Ÿ  English and Music

Ÿ  English and Creative Writing

After University, the options available to English graduates are wide:

Ÿ  Journalism

Ÿ  Publishing

Ÿ  Public Relations

Ÿ  The Civil Service

Ÿ  Teaching

There are also some more routes linked to an English degree.

Ÿ  Marketing

Ÿ  Human Resources

Ÿ  Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Ÿ  Events Management

Ÿ  Law Conversions

Ÿ  Media Production

Who Will Teach Me?

The course is delivered by an experienced team of teachers who are all English graduates:

Sir John Nelthorpe                                                                        

Mrs Taylor & Miss Woods                                                             

What Will I Learn On This Course?

This course will enrich your appreciation of literary texts by giving you the opportunity to read a variety of genres, discuss different ways of interpreting texts and investigate ways poems, plays and novels are influenced by social, cultural and historical contexts. English Literature will develop your skills of analysis, debate and imaginative thinking as well as the quality of your written work. You will follow AQA Specification A.

Where Can I Get More Information Or Advice?

For further information you can contact:

Mr D Waite (                                          

Sir John Nelthorpe School                                                              

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