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Chemistry A Level

Chemistry A Level is the new specification for the OCR examining body.

Who Will Teach Me?

Dr Turner

What Entry Requirements Do I Need?

The minimum requirement is a GSCE Grade 6 in Chemistry or Combined Science and also GSCE Grade 6 in Mathematics.

How Will I Be Assessed?

ASSESSMENT: 100% Exam plus practical endorsement

In the final year there are three written examinations based on modules comprising subject knowledge and practical skills.

We will regularly assess your learning through end of unit tests and written assessments throughout the course. You will receive feedback to help you develop and improve your skills and guide you towards your target grade. We have support sessions arranged after school where you can drop in to speak to your tutors and receive extra help or advice if you need it.

What Will I Learn On This Course?

Throughout the course you will develop:

Learning skills, which will help you ‘think outside the box’

Practical skills in experimentation

Research, communication and IT skills

Organisational skills

You will also learn about the three disciplines of Chemistry; Organic Chemistry; Inorganic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry that includes:

Development of practical skills in chemistry

Foundations in chemistry

Periodic table and energy

Core organic chemistry

Physical chemistry and transition elements

Organic chemistry and analysis

Assessment Of Practical Skills

Students will do at least 12 experiments during the course. Additionally, examinations will test knowledge and understanding of practical work. Students would be awarded an A Level grade for their examination performance and a ‘Pass’/’Fail’ for practical work during the course.

What Kind Of Person Studies This Course?

Those who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the material world.

Where Will An A Level In Chemistry Lead Me?

Chemistry is the essential science and as such is recognised as being an essential requirement for medical and veterinary schools and most branches of engineering. Chemists design novel materials for the modern world. An AS or an A Level in Chemistry does not necessarily mean a career in Science. What it does show is an aptitude to work and think in a clear, systematic manner – a quality that many employers in many fields look for.

Where Can I Get More Information Or Advice?

For further information you can contact:

Dr Turner 

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